Heartbeat delay

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Let the Fxamps Heartbeat delay pulse into you pedalboard. Dual mode, two distinct moods, and a infinite combination of settings, the Heartbeat delay will be the last delay you’ll ever need.

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Clean mode

The civilized side of the Heartbeat delay. Incredibly deep clean, with an increase dynamic, a nice bass restitution and lot of presence. Ideal for a modern, precise but never sterile sound.

Tape mode

The dark side of the Hearbeat delay. Fat, dirty and irregular. Just like the real thing. 100% analog filtering, close your eyes and listen for the famous tape echoes.


In both mode, you can engage the analog modulation section, for a ambient and dreamy sound. Fat and lush, go high with style.

Girl got rhythm

In addition to the time setting knob, a Tap temp will allow you to precisely set the time of the repetition when playing. A subdivision switch will allow you any rhythmic signature, for a lot of creativity.

  • Finish :

    Vintage blue.

  • Controls :

    Time, Repeat, Mix + Mod + Type + Subdivisions + On/off + Tap

  • Features :

    1000ms maximum delay time. True bypass or natural trail decay internal switch.

    Internal trim for modulations/drive/filtering modifications.

    High quality circuitry, carefully chosen and reliable components. True bypass.

  • Power :

    DC 9v.

  • Dimensions :

    10cm high, 12cm large, 3cm deep.



For 8 years now and hundreds of amplifiers sold, Fxamps is synonym with fine sounding and high quality building. Compact and practical, all Fxamps amplifiers are 20w/2w,  equipped with nice big tubes (EL34/6L6, swappable, mixable, no bias needed), for a nice big stack sound, even at very low levels with their ultralinear master volume. Amongst the best amplifiers in the world yet still fairly priced !

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