Want a versatile vintage amp ? The Dual is made for you. Nice blackface clean, Plexi crunches and JCM oriented leads.

Build to Order.

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Best of both worlds

With its blackface voiced clean channel, bright and hot, plus a versatile plexi sounding crunch channel, as well as a third channel with more JCM oriented gain, the new Dual is really the amplifier guitarists dreamed of for so long.
Best of both world combined in a single amp, if you buy only one amp, this is it!

Quiet play

The Dual has the special “ultralinear master volume” technology, designed to play at any level, even at very low level at night. It even has a 20w/2w for the most quiet conditions.

No Bias System

Change your tubes yourself, at home, no equipment needed. Freely choose between 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, you can even mix a 6L6 and an EL34.

  • Controls :

    Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble + bright + Gain1/Gain2/Bass/Mid/Treble/Volume + Master + loud/quiet

  • Features :

    Tube buffered effect loop, 16/8/4 ohms selector + 2x speaker outputs.

  • Power :

    Single ended, Class A, 20w switchable to 2w. Available in 115v or 230v.

  • Tubes :

    4x 12ax7 + 2x EL34. User swappable/mixable EL34/6L6 power tube, no bias needed.

  • Construction :

    Point to point, handwired.

  • Dimensions :

    50cm wide, 22cm high, 21cm deep & 13kg

Recommended speaker :

Celestion g12m Creamback (Fxamps 1×12″ classic).

Vintage / Modern



For 8 years now and hundreds of amplifiers sold, Fxamps is synonym with fine sounding and high quality building.

Compact and practical, all Fxamps amplifiers are 20w/2w,  equipped with nice big tubes (EL34/6L6, swappable, mixable, no bias needed), for a nice big stack sound, even at very low levels with their ultralinear master volume.

Amongst the best amplifiers in the world yet still fairly priced !

Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions50 × 21 × 22 cm


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